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How about providing a spa for women who are in difficult circumstances? Rather than focusing on the women in your organization, invite women who are clients of Christian Women’s Job Corps, women’s crisis shelters, or another local social services agency. A special evening of facials, manicures, pedicures and other “services” will pamper women whose lives have been turned upside down by life situations.

The women’s group of a church in Louisiana created unique invitations from soaps, bath salts, etc., giving directions to their church and other pertinent information about the date and time of the spa event. Various rooms were set up for massages, hairstyling, facials, etc. and as women arrived they were guided to visit each “spa station.”

Since this is a come-and-go event, enlist several women to share Christ as opportunities arise and provide counseling as the women participate. Give each woman a Bible before she leaves. Provide bottled water or cold water with lemon slices and fresh fruit as they move from station to station. As women register at your event, their information will allow you to follow up for future activities and witnessing.

You will need the following for this ministry gathering:

  1. Enlist women to give the various spa treatments.
  2. Choose spa treatment rooms and create a spa atmosphere in each (taped music, candles, low lighting, etc.)
  3. Obtain help from local businesses to provide gifts and treatment supplies.
  4. Enlist a team to create the invitations and to contact women’s assistance agencies to help promote the spa event.
  5. Encourage all women in your organization to participate in some way – greeters, hospitality hostesses for the light refreshments, counselors, women willing to share Christ, etc.

For more information on promoting women’s events in your church, contact:

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Last Published: February 2, 2012 7:47 PM