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Missions Makeover

Contact an Avon or Mary Kay representative and purchase eye shadow samples. Attach the samples to a 3 x 5 card or to the outside of a 4-fold computer card. On the card or inside write “You are invited to a Missions Makeover on ________, at ___. Join us as we discover how our approach to a missions lifestyle is similar to our skin care regime. You won’t want to miss this fun opportunity to see how you can minister more effectively to others!”

Distribute the invitations via the mail or by hand several Sundays prior to the event date.

Decorate the registration table with a nice tablecloth and a gift basket complete with an assortment of lotions, bath salts, etc. The basket can be given as a door prize later in the event. Computer graphics of women’s faces, lips, eyes, and glamour shots can be put on the walls. If any demos are to be done, cover tables with a variety of pastel colored cloths or all one color to stay with a chosen color scheme.

Icebreaker Activity
As women arrive direct them to displays of new and existing ministries supported by your women’s groups. Distribute brochures, have sign-up sheets available and women to tell participants about each ministry opportunity. Each display could feature a different type of lotion, lip color, or blush sample to connect everything to your theme.

Event Details

  • Enlist women to help with the ministry displays you choose to promote. This will be a great way to begin a new year. Feature new and established ministries, giving meeting dates and times. Include upcoming projects and materials that will be needed to complete them.
  • To create interest in the makeover theme obtain gift certificates from local beauty salons and spas that will be given throughout the event. Advertise that this will be done to increase your attendance!
  • Find out which demonstrations (such as skin and hand care, cosmetic, etc.) can be done fairly easily and enlist women to do them. Explain that this event is not a time to sell products but that it will be acceptable (if it is!) to distribute their business cards.
  • Make arrangements for refreshments to be served. If this theme is for one of your regular larger events, create committees to choose a menu, enlist cleanup, table décor, etc.
  • Enlist someone to present devotional thoughts about how Christian women need a missions makeover if they are to develop mission lifestyles. An outline follows that might be useful.
  • After enlisting your personnel, determine a schedule. Be sure to allow enough time for the demonstrations and alternate activities for women who may not be interested in learning about skin care, etc.

Suggested Ministry Opportunities

  • women’s crisis shelters – provide personal hygiene kits in cloth bags
  • food bank - provide can goods, personnel to work specific hours each month
  • hot meal preparation – for local missions (cooking the food, serving meals, etc.)
  • women’s pregnancy centers – provide baby clothing, gifts for the mothers, blankets
  • convalescent homes – monthly birthday parties, craft sessions, singing sessions, reading to residents, writing letters for residents, Scripture cards for meal trays
  • Christian Women’s Job Corps site – providing binders, notebook paper, pens/pencils, toiletry supplies, lunch once a month, mentors for clients, instructors for life and work skills sessions

Devotion Outline: Missions Makeover
This devotion can be presented using skin care products to illustrate each makeover step.

Steps to take for a missions makeover:

1.  Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing

  • Represents growing spiritually
  • Cleansing represents the salvation experience
  • Toning closes up skin’s pores. Studying God’s word is like a toner; it closes up the gaps in your walk with God; prepares you to confront life situations
  • Moisturizer is closely related to toning as it puts moisture back into your skin. Prayer is like moisturizer as it keeps us in touch with God. Just like moisturizer, it keeps us flexible.

2.  Foundation

  • Purpose of cosmetic foundations? (color, glamour, protection)
  • What is foundation for your life? (popularity, good grades, boyfriend, family, friends)
  • Our foundation as Christians is the base for everything else
    What we believe
    Living by God's standard

3.  Blush

  • Cosmetic purpose? (enhance, give color to one’s face)
  • Spiritual blush is our attitude
    How does your attitude affect others?
    Your attitude is critical.

 4.  The Eyes

  • It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. What does that mean?
  • Making up our eyes is usually a good thing if done properly.
  • What do your eyes see?
    Interested in learning new things?
    Needs of the world?
    Lostness of the world?
  • How can you see better?
    Personal involvement in missions
    Engaging in ministry (homeless, pregnancy centers, hunger ministries, etc.)
    Participating in regular mission groups

5.  The Mouth

  • Discuss cosmetic lip liners, colors, etc.
  • What do our mouths do, other than get us in trouble?
    Argue with family and friends
    Criticize others
  • We should use our mouths to encourage others and share Christ 

6.  Hands/Nails

  • Variety of hand shapes, lengths, nails
  • Proverbs 31 woman “She stretches out her arms to the needy”
  • Reaching out
    2 Corinthians 8:10 – “Do what you can, not what you can’t. The heart regulates the hands.” (The Message)
    Discuss opportunities for adult women to engage in ministry

7. Closing Comments
Give illustration of a glamour makeover and how it is temporary. God’s transformation of our lives, however, is permanent through the gift of His Son. Our relationship with Jesus will change our destiny, our direction, our attitudes, our priorities and outlook. When this happens, you’ll have a missions makeover. 

Last Published: August 23, 2008 3:15 PM