Gatherings...Celebrating God's Faithfulness
Women love to get together! Because of that, new ideas are needed all the time to keep these "gatherings" fresh and innovative. This article is taken from a section of The Cutting Edge, which includes a wide variety of themed events, complete with invitations, decoration, icebreaker, games, and devotion ideas. If you are looking for just a new idea for a favor or a devotional, you can utilize the categories search and view all the ideas in that category. Gatherings, is provided to give you a springboard of ideas to make your women's events creative, energized, and successful!   

Celebrating God's Faithfulness

Use any party piece as a surface for the information about your women’s event – a balloon (use a black marker for writing info); a printed invitation; a noise-maker (attach the invitation written or printed on a tag); a party favor (a cello bag filled with candy and an invitation); a plastic toy, etc.

Purchase balloon kits at places like Party City, Wal-Mart or Costco which contain balloons, helium tank and string (cost is approximately $50). Use balloons and streamers everywhere to create a celebration atmosphere. As women arrive tie a balloon on one wrist.

Develop the suggested topics for small group experiences/activities. Enlist women to lead the groups either around tables or in adjoining rooms. You may want to divide women into groups by the color of the balloon on their wrists.

Special Details

  • Enlist someone to lead in lively music and to address the topic of God’s faithfulness (“Celebrate What God Has Done”).
  • Ideas for small group topics:
    • Celebrate Jerusalem & Samaria (local and regional mission work) 
    • Celebrate the Uttermost Parts of the Earth (you may choose to enlist international missionaries) 
    • Celebrate New Horizons (present opportunities for local ministry). 
  • Closing Fellowship Time: everyone together again. Focus on Celebrate an Exciting Future and Celebrate What God Can Do through your women’s group Brainstorm ideas based on the interests, gifts and talents of the women in your group.
  • Devotion: Choose someone to be a storyteller for the closing part of the event and tell stories from mission publications or the history of WMU. Some of your own women may agree to tell their stories of how God has been faithful in their lives.
  • Close with a time of fellowship and door prizes. Women pop the balloon on their wrists and those with paper slips inside win door prizes

An excellent resource is The Connecting Events series,  a downloadable product featuring twelve different event ideas, perfect for a women’s ministry or the entire church. All event plans are clearly organized and provide pre-event planning, what to do during the event, and post-event follow-up. Connecting Events will help you “Connect” your audience to the following life areas and topics: 

  • Teams
  • Believers
  • Love
  • Church Members
  • Missions
  • Prayer
  • Cultures
  • New Starts
  • Entertainment
  • Communities

For more information about women's events, contact:

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Last Published: May 21, 2013 11:49 PM