Wonderfully and fearfully made: a woman's event

Use flowers as a theme for everything at this event. Create invitations with a computer program and invite women to attend the event which will focus on God’s unique creations and His plan for each of them. Click here for a sample invitation.

Decorate all meeting rooms and fellowship area with flower arrangements (real and/or silk).

As women arrive, give each a piece of paper. Ask them to list their favorite color, their favorite fun thing to do, the color of their eyes, and one skill or talent they have. Tell them to tape their paper to a flower they are given at registration near the top of the stem. Collect the flowers, which will be used during fellowship time.

Special Details

  1. This event can be used as a launch for a new year of activities for women in your church or as a celebration of what has happened during the year.
  2. Enlist women to set up displays that feature what they can do or what has been done using photos, etc. If this is a launch event, provide signup sheets for future participation.
  3. Enlist musicians, speaker and seminar leaders if you have breakouts. Be sure to take care of the fellowship times, food and child-care details.
  4. Door prizes: using parchment paper print Psalm 139 in a fancy font and roll up like a scroll, tying with a satin ribbon. Give a scroll to each woman. Click here for a downloadable scroll.

Event Format
When women finish writing their answers and attaching them to the flowers, collect the flowers and move into the fellowship time. A pre-enlisted woman will share some hints about arranging flowers in ways that best show their beauty (using the flowers from the women).

  • A preassigned woman does a dramatic reading of Psalm 139.
  • Another woman shares her testimony of how she discovered she was uniquely created by God.
  • One woman presents the missionary prayer focus (list can be found in Missions Mosaic Magazine available for subscription at www.wmustore.com).
  • One or two women share what type of ministry to the community they participated in and how they were blessed.

Expand on the following thoughts on the event theme: “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

God has purposely created each individual with unique abilities and experiences. God has a plan for each of us that will make the most of every gift we have. He knows us perfectly. He knew us when we were in our mother’s womb and there is no place we can go where He will not be with us.

Sometimes we may feel that we are alone or forgotten, but God is always with us. He is concerned about every day of our lives and every experience we have.

When we understand how precious we are to God, we begin to also understand that all people are precious to Him. When we reach out to one another as God reaches out to us, we enable others to discover they are also precious to God. We become like this bouquet, each flower making the other flowers more beautiful by giving of its unique beauty to the others in the bouquet.

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Last Published: May 14, 2012 12:12 PM