Growing to know you: Loving your spouse

Let’s do lunch! Here’s an idea for a women’s luncheon event that focuses on relationships with spouses. Set a date for the event that will get the largest possible attendance by all the women of your church.

All publicity and decoration plans should be based on hearts, flowers and the colors pink, white and red. Use heart-shaped cakes as table centerpieces. This will decorate and provide dessert too! Publicize that a panel of Christian women will be present. Give each woman in the church a personal invitation; invite non-members as well.

You may choose to have programs – use them as a way to promote future women’s events and activities. This event can be a good opportunity to channel women into an active role in missions and ministry.

If having an entire meal at your church is not possible, host a Let’s Do Dessert event instead, using the same decoration and presentation ideas.

Planning the event will not be too complicated. Enlist three women for a panel, well in advance so they will have time to prepare their thoughts about loving spouses. The success of this event will depend greatly on these three women! Select women who are outgoing and vocal about marriage. It will help immensely if they have good senses of humor. Choose one young woman who has been married two years or less. The second woman should be one who has been married for at least 20 years. Then, find a woman who is preferably over 60 as her advice will be valuable for everyone. Encourage the panelists to give personal examples of problem-solving in their own marriages and how Christian women can strengthen their marriages.

One person will be needed to make introductions, welcome everyone and introduce the panelists. This person will tie everything at the event together so enlist someone who is warm, friendly, and has the “gift of gab.”

As a door prize, give a subscription to Missions Mosaic magazine. Put a heart under one chair and that’s the winner.

Place heart cut-outs on each table for women to use in writing down their questions for the panelists to answer. Ask them to write their questions while they eat or are waiting to be served.

The schedule for the event can go as follows:

1. Include a brief, fun activity as women arrive to warm everyone up. Use hearts to connect to the event theme.

2. Serve lunch or have women serve themselves from a buffet.

3. Welcome everyone, present the door prize gift and collect the questions women have written down.

4. Introduce the focus of the event – what Christian women have to say about the marriage relationship and how that relationship can be  improved. Give background information on each of the three panelists, as this will help the women understand their individual viewpoints.

5. Present special music if you have anything like that, as well as any other special emphases.

6. Using the questions from the women, asking each panelist to respond. Move the discussion along so it is lively with no one panelist taking more time than the others.

7. Close by bringing everyone’s thoughts together using several scripture verses you have prepared ahead of time.

A Loving Your Spouse luncheon can be both informative and enjoyable. Plan ahead. Choose your panelists carefully. Enjoy!  

Last Published: July 11, 2009 5:55 PM