A gem of a women’s event

Someone has said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” In fact, it is a rare woman who does not love the sparkle, depth of color and “bling” gemstones can bring to a ring, necklace or bracelet. Consider having a women’s event based on gemstones!

Format: Set a day and time for the event that will allow the majority of the women in your church and their friends to attend. Publicize it through verbal announcements in worship services, Bible study classes, church bulletin and mailout, on the church’s Website, etc.

Invitations: Craft stores carry a wide variety of beads resembling gems that can be strung on short pieces of wire or thread and attached to card invitations. Put several in a small envelope along with a card giving the theme, date and place of the event. Gemstone-like accessories can also be found in stores where iron-on sequins and stones are stocked. Distribute the invitations two or three weeks before your event.

Decorations: Popular items in many stores are packaged, faceted glass and plastic “diamonds” of different sizes. These can be sprinkled up and down tables if you are having a meal or dessert of any kind. Use anything that suggests the glamour and glitz of gemstones.

Ice-breaker: Create a paper-and-pencil game with clues about various gemstones. Award prizes to anyone getting all the answers correct. A game using women’s names from gemstones might be fun too.

Favors: Find the pattern for crocheted one-size-fits-all gemstone bead rings with silver or gold elastic thread. Australian crystals can be used for a small cluster-type ring that will have lots of “glam.” The estimated cost per ring is $1 so these would make a fun souvenir of the event.

Program: Include music from the Sapphire Singers, a speaker who is billed as Miss Opal, a humorous skit provided by the Ruby Riots, a fashion show using gemstones as “models,” and Patty Peridot as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Ahead of Time:

  1. Decide location and make decoration/setting plans.
  2. Enlist program personnel.
  3. Make meal or food arrangements.
  4. Publicize the event!
  5. Form decoration, food, program committees.
  6. Purchase beads, prizes, make favors, etc.

Devotional Thought:
You may want to adapt the following devotion yourself or give it to your speaker as a possible idea/springboard for her presentation.

(Based on Isaiah 61:10)

A Christian woman should possess certain things. The Scripture says she should be clothed in garments of salvation. Such a woman has been compared to precious jewels.

Let’s think about jewels that are mentioned in the Bible and then apply them to the life of a Christian woman.

Let’s begin with the onyx. Onyx is a stone consisting of layers of different colors. Could a Christian woman be made up of layers like the onyx?

The color red, like a ruby. She must be clear, flawless and bright in her spirit. Proverbs 31:10 indicates she needs to have good character. She should have wisdom and the lips of knowledge mentioned in Proverbs 3:15 and Proverbs 11:15.

The Christian woman must be like the emerald too. Its green color is likened to a rainbow in Revelation 4:3. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and when God put the rainbow in the sky, it was a sign that He would never again destroy the world by water. This Christian woman should be a woman of hope – hoping in the future, optimistic in her attitude, expecting good in each day.

She is also like the pearl. A pearl is formed as a result of an irritant, such as a grain of sand, etc. There are several references about the pearl in the Bible. It is always referred to as having value. There are many things that happen in a woman’s daily life that could act as irritants! Instead of just letting irritants exist in our lives, we as women can choose to build around them and use them to create a beautiful, useful life.

Now, the diamond! Often associated with one’s engagement and marriage, it has special connotations related to love. It is a representation of the giver’s love. A diamond is a mineral of unequaled hardness and luster and is sought after all over the world. In fact, lives have been lost in its acquisition! There is a lesson to be learned from the characteristics of the diamond. The hardness of a diamond can be compared to the firm, unshakable stand a Christian woman should take for her convictions. She needs to display a disciplined life, a life that exhibits commitment to the things of God and His principles.

The last layer of the onyx is the color purple, which can be represented by the amethyst. A beautiful, much-desired stone, the amethyst is mentioned in the Bible too. The Hebrew name suggests “dream-stone.” We all have dreams, don’t we? We dream of our lives as wives and mothers. We have career and ambition dreams. We dream of what we want to accomplish and the influence we can have, the impact we’d like to have on those around us.

If you are wearing a diamond or any other precious gem, take a look at it right now. Does it sparkle and shine? Can you see its facets? Women are like these stones – we all have multiple facets. We are not one-dimensional! The roles we play, the responsibilities we have, our passions, the commitments we make are all part of what makes us sparkle and shine. As we strive to live as God would have us live, we must seek His guidance for our journeys and grow spiritually so we can fulfill the plans He has for each of us.

We are precious in His sight! Indeed, we are diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires! Sparkle in His love!

Last Published: January 26, 2010 12:39 AM