Build a stronger family

Purpose of Event: This is an opportunity to encourage women to help build stronger families. As women strive to balance the demands of their busy lives, they need practical, user-friendly ideas to create a stable, strong Christian foundation for life as a family.

Format: Use A, B, C as reference points. Assign a principle and scripture verse to each letter. Such as ... A-always be available; B-best to listen; C-communicate. Or ... A-actions speak louder than words; B-be loving at all times; C-care for others. You get the idea!

If you choose to have a guest speaker, ask her to address the ABC’s you have chosen to emphasize. If you want a more casual format, ask three women known to you to have strong, Christian families and ask them to share one of the building blocks. Stress that they use lots of humor.

Invitations: Purchase small wooden blocks and write the date and time of the ABC event. Generate computer invitations. Create a display in a high-traffic area of the church using cubes for building blocks. Distribute them to all women in your church. Be sure to provide childcare.

Decorations: Purchase 10”x10”x10” white boxes at a mailing store and use for decoration at the front of a large area and as decoration. You may want to glue pictures of women on the sides of the boxes or print in large letters “A,” “B,” “C.” If you have a meal as part of the event, use small boxes or blocks on the tables. If you have paper crafters in your church, ask them to design and cut out boxes that can be assembled and decorated at tables. They could be decorative enough to serve as individual favors for each woman to take home. Or, ask them to make enough for everyone and place them on tables as favors already completed. Fill with candy or small trinkets.

Icebreaker: Collect cardboard building blocks from the church nursery or other children’s building blocks. Divide the women into small groups and time them as they build an assigned structure (house, church, city building, bridge). Take a vote to determine the best structure. Give prizes to the team that wins (small paper boxes a crafter has done to look like a building block with chocolate candy inside).

Event Content: Be creative in presenting the content for this event! Use a PowerPoint presentation, skits for the A, B and C principles for strong families. Make the skits humorous since the topic is so serious. Ask your pastor to bring closing comments from his point of view of the need for strong families in today’s society.

Last Published: August 26, 2010 12:39 AM