Patterns for Living: A Gathering for Moms

This women’s event gives leaders of women’s ministries and mission groups an opportunity to help mothers learn how to teach and live God’s Word with their children. There are many resources that will help mothers (especially of young children) find the “teachable moments” on a daily basis. Use the following suggestions to design a casual and fun event that will encourage moms to teach their children about God and His love for the world.

Format: Determine whether a large-group or a rotating-group format will work best for your gathering. Arrange for a large area at the church which has smaller breakout rooms nearby.

Invitations: If you choose to use “Patterns for Living” as a theme, cut out pattern pieces and print or write the invitation on them and distribute them to all women in your church.

Note: Remember that many grandmothers are raising their grandchildren so be sure they also receive an invitation. Empty-nesters make good volunteers or small group leaders as they have experience in utilizing teachable moments.

Decorations: If you choose the pattern “handle,” borrow patterns from a woman who sews and pin the pattern pieces and instruction sheets on the walls. Create fake pattern pieces to decorate refreshment/lunch and serving tables. If you can find patterns at a garage sale or thrift store, you won’t mind if they are soiled by spilled food! If you have a meal, decorate individual tables with sewing notions, patterns, pins, scissors, thread, buttons, etc.

Icebreaker: Purchase old patterns and take them out of their envelopes. Divide women into several small groups. Give them the pattern envelope with its picture and the stack of pattern pieces. Their challenge is to choose a model and pin the pattern pieces onto her to create the pictured garment. The first group finished receives prizes – spools of thread.

Event Content: The purpose of this women’s event is to assist women in teaching and living God’s Word with their children. It is to be designed as a workshop with breakouts for the mothers. Enlist women who have had experience in working with preschoolers, elementary aged children and youth. Missions education leaders are trained to lead specific age levels and make excellent facilitators for this type of event.

Ask each breakout leader to prepare a 20-minute presentation in which she discusses the learning ability of the age, how the child learns and examples of ways moms can teach about God’s ways through daily life. Be certain the leaders offer practical “as-you-go” moments. Scripture verses and daily life applications would be helpful. (Suggestions for breakout content are given below.)

Note: Keep in mind that some of these mothers may have come to know Christ as adults so they have no Christian background and were not taught about God when they were children. They may not know where to begin. This event can be life-changing for them!

Schedule: After a time of welcome, introduce the breakout leaders and explain the purpose of the event. (Use a skit perhaps). Each breakout will last 20 minutes. You can divide into three groups by giving out colored buttons. Once everyone has heard all three presentations, gather for a time of “de-briefing.” Conclude with prayer and refreshments or a luncheon.

Breakout Content:
Preschoolers – Leader will give specific examples of how to teach preschoolers God’s Word. Kits could be made in the breakout and taken home. Focus should be on easy-to-do methods that will reinforce teaching received in Sunday School and Mission Friends.

Children – Enlist a Girls in Action missions leader for this breakout if possible. Emphasize scripture memorization. Focus on setting aside a regular time for study, despite busy family schedules.

Youth – Focus on the mother’s encouraging role in youth studying the Bible and developing the habit of having a quiet time. Youth could be asked to help with younger children in the family. Regular, personal Bible study should be stressed as a vital foundation for adult life.


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Last Published: August 26, 2010 12:44 AM