Bon Appétit Event: Lessons from meals with Jesus

This gathering of women is not only to enjoy food and fellowship, but to learn more about Jesus by focusing on the meals with Him that are recorded in the New Testament.

Use computer graphics to create a “foodie” invite. Distribute to women in your church.

See suggestions below that use decor to relate to the different meals with Jesus.

Using a stage or central area, create the settings for the meals with Jesus. Change the props as the speaker moves from one to the other. Or create separate settings and have women move from “meal” to “meal.” One person could speak on all the meal accounts or you can enlist four different women if you use the individual meal settings.

Ahead of time
Enlist women to provide food for each of the meals. Enlist others to set the stage scenes or the separate meal settings if that option is chosen. Ask one woman or four women to prepare brief devotions on the biblical stories (see below for passages). Make facility arrangements. Schedule the event ahead of time to avoid conflicts. Prepare and distribute invitations. If music is part of the event, enlist the musicians. Enlist one woman to be emcee.

Biblical Settings with Jesus
The following scenes can be studied to learn lessons from the meals with Jesus.

  1. marriage feast at Cana – dining table, wedding dress on mannequin, wedding cake that is used for refreshments as this meal is visited/discussed
  2. breakfast on the shore – fishnets, small, fake campfire on floor, serve bread or small rolls with butter or other condiments
  3. feeding of the 5,000 – baskets of bread and fish (this could be the main part of a meal)
  4. Last Supper – use larger table, decorate with bread and sparkling drink. Have group celebrate together at end of teaching time.
Last Published: January 4, 2011 11:51 PM