Gatherings...Around the World Prayer Tea
Theme: Around the World Prayer Teas– a women’s event
This is a continuing event held four times during the year highlighting different areas of the world. Suggested areas are:
  1. United States
  2. Muslim
  3. Japanese or Asia
  4. Europe 
  • Set the room up for a tea party with cloth tablecloths, assorted teapots and cups and saucers.
  • Use Emilie Barnes’books “The Twelve Teas of Celebration,” “The Twelve Teas of Friendship” for suggestions.
  • Research teas on the Internet for ideas.
Event Details
  • Order from the Women's Prayer Tea Leader's Guide and participant’s guide. This information focuses on the Muslim woman but it will serve as a guide for developing other teas focusing on woman around the world. The first tea will focus on the United States, second the Muslim world and then it’s your choice.
  • Prepare a prayer guide for the United States similar to the Women’s Prayer Tea Participant’s Guide from
  •  Enlist someone to speak on the theme of teas and friendships among women. Include in this God’s desire for all women to have a personal relationship with Him. Use the prayer guide to lead women through a focused time of prayer.
  • Briefly highlight plans for the Muslim tea three months later as an event they won’t want to miss.
  • Serve tea party foods. Try making teapot or cup and saucer rolled cookies for a theme related treat.
  • Present a brief history of afternoon teas.
  • Prepare a basket of tea items for a door prize.
  • Make tea related favors. Check out for ideas.
  • Have everyone bring their own special teacup and saucer.
  • Use small tables with just four women for a cozier setting.
  • Suggest the women dress up and wear hats.
  • Serve sweetened ice tea and focus your prayer time on the southern states for a different twist. 
Last Published: June 15, 2008 11:46 PM