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Because lost people matter to God, they matter to us!
In the spring of 2012 California Southern Baptist Convention churches are encouraged to participate in the second national "God's Plan for Sharing" emphasis.

Reaching Across North America.
CSBC will use the name Reaching Across California and encourage participating churches to:

  • Host, plan and implement a community-reaching event sometime during 2012.
  • Prayer walk and distribute invitations one to two weeks prior to the event.
  • follow-up with those who attended the event.

Seed Money
California Southern Baptist Convention will provide $150 seed money to 550 CSBC churches that participate in the 2012 RAC emphasis:

  • 50 percent of the ministry assistance is available to multi-ethnic congregations
  • Churches will be strategically chosen in areas with the best opportunity to impact lostness in California (all churches will be considered)

We want to impact lostness in California because:

  • California has a population of 37+ million with an estimated lostness of 33+ million.
  • There is one CSBC church for every 22,900 people in California.
  • Helping CSBC churches connect with their communities will strengthen the evangelistic witness (sowing) with the hope of increasing an evangelistic harvest.


  • Each church receiving RAC ministry assistance is requested to send an event report that includes how the funds were used and the evangelistic results.
  • CSBC churches can request seed money by email or phone 559.256.0845.
  • Monies can be used for event publicity, materials, supplies, or follow-up needs.
  • Resource ideas and materials for RAC events can be obtain at www.csbc/gps.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for God's Plan for Sharing
It is a 10 year initiative that will require a cooperative effort between NAMB, State Conventions, Associations and local churches in the SBC. Click here to view a video overview.

GPS has 4 Biblical markers

  • Praying
    Every church praying for lost people. Click here for prayer resources.
  • Equipping
    Every believer sharing as a trained witness. Click here for equipping resources.
  • Sowing
    Every person receiving a gospel message. Click here for sowing resources.
  • Harvesting
    Every church involved in harvest events. Click here for harvest resources.

GPS utilizes national campaigns.

  • 2012 Reaching Across California
  • 2014 Serving Across California
  • 2016 Sharing Across California
  • 2018 Start Something Across California
  • 2020 Celebrating Across California

Ten steps for preparing your church to Reaching Across California

View the "Find it Here" commercial

Reaching Across California


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