Simple Ways to Impact Your Community

What kind of neighbor is your church facility? 

Who Is My Neighbor?

That was the question asked of Jesus that He used as a springboard into a parable that is still a challenge for us today.

“What kind of neighbor is our church facility to our surrounding community?” is a question you should be asking to receive equally challenging answers.

During a recent facility analysis I visited the medical office that shared a parking lot with the church for which I was consulting. The church had a tremendous partnership with the surrounding professional offices, one of the best relationships I had seen concerning parking. Yet I wondered with the close contact these businesses have with the church, what did they think of the church?

The receptionist I visited with was positive and helpful in providing information about the parking and the church. It seemed that from her perspective, the church was a wonderful neighbor. I was almost ready to leave when she mentioned one additional piece of information that was worth the entire visit. She said she enjoyed the second entrance/exit the church provided and that there is a lot of through traffic in the parking lot on the other side of the church. The church sits on a corner and the customers can avoid the traffic-light and center median by exiting on the other side of the church.

This piece of information became a key recommendation to the congregation to set up a small portable sign in this through-traffic section of the parking lot to advertise upcoming ministries to the captive audience regularly driving through the parking area.

You may be surprised what you can find out if you start asking the people and businesses around your facility a simple question like, “What kind of neighbor is our church?”

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Last Published: August 19, 2010 6:08 PM