Revitalization Conference
The North American Mission Board is excited about beginning to strategically address the issue of Church Health and Revitalization in partnership with our state conventions.

In September, 2013 CSBC hosted the Church Growth and Revitalization Conference in two different locations in California.  More than 300 pastors and church leaders attended the one day conference.  The files and links below will enable you to view streaming video or download audio and/or document files from the conference that can be used for review or training.  If you have trouble or need assistance please call 559.256.0845 or email

Videos (click on each title to view on Vimeo):
Session 1 - Johnny Hunt
Session 2 - Johnny Hunt
Session 3 - Michael Lewis and Randy McWhorter
Session 4 - Johnny Hunt

Click here to download the audio file for each session (new window will open at

Documents (click on each document name to open/download):
Session 1 - Leading for Change
Answer Key - Leading for Change - English
Answer Key - Leading for Change - Spanish
Session 2 - Health that Leads to Growth
Answer Key - Health that Leads to Growth - English
Answer Key - Health that Leads to Growth - Spanish
Session 3 - The Key to Growth - Discoverying & Developing Leaders
Answer Key - The Key to Growth - English
Answer Key - The Key to Growth - Spanish
Revitalization Conference - CSBC - Randy McWhorter
Revitalization Conference - Notes - Randy McWhorter
Pastor for Pastors Talk for Revitalization - Michael Lewis
NAMB Church Growth & Revitalization Manual - English
NAMB Church Growth & Revitzalization Manual - Spanish

For more information contact:

Randy McWhorter
Evangelism Specialist
559.229.9533 x. 244
E-mail Randy McWhorter

Last Published: September 19, 2013 12:47 AM