Having an idea is often just not enough! The How To section of The Cutting Edge is to provide women with the practical steps involved in making their mission and ministry groups function better, attract more attention, and be more viable in their settings. How To focuses on the basics of things such as  designing newsletters, reaching out to women who need support, hosting evangelical events, and helping women grow spiritually and seek His plan for their lives.

If you have agreed to lead out in establishing a new women’s ministries group or organization, you will need to spend some time thinking about what women’s ministries needs to be – its purpose, direction and strategy. Read More
Here are 10 ways to involve preschoolers in mission and ministry projects. Of course, they’ll need you, the adults, to help them become involved! Read More
Wake up and smell the coffee! Women will invest their energy and time only in activities and events that meet their needs or address their interests! Read More
Regardless of the small group’s purpose, there is a tendency on our part as leaders to fall into a rut of previous actions. Someone has defined a rut as a grave, open at either end! To keep a small group viable and active, a leader must provide creative guidance through introducing new ideas. Read More
With 2011 just around the corner it would be a good idea to look at the whole year and decide on some activities that will involve the women in your church. Mission and ministry projects are good ways to educate women about how your church participates in missions and engages in ministry to your community. Read More
In these uncertain financial times, we have something others may not have – faith and hope. Because of our hope and faith, we can (and should) approach the challenges of the economy with an assurance that God will strengthen us for ministry in His Name. Read More
Most of us like to see something that looks custom-made, something presented in an unusual way. The same can be said of women’s events Read More
When should we begin to instill a love of missions in children? When they reach middle-school? Or when they become Christians? It really is never too soon to start teaching young ones about God’s love for the world. Read More
Change comes in every area of life. Change comes to all of us. How we approach change will determine in large part how successfully change will be implemented. Think about the long-term benefits of change and then plan, prepare and communicate. Read More
Several training opportunities are available for women through Southern Baptist seminaries. Read More
Here is an unusual way to engage new women for participation in your women’s ministry organization. It can also be used to reach out to women in your community who are non-believers and would feel more comfortable in an outside-the-church activity. Read More
Are you at a loss for how to find an effective speaker for your women’s event? Adapted from comments made by Bobi Seredich, President of Equanimity Inc., here are a few suggestions for a “recipe” for finding the right speaker. Read More
What do the women of your group need? As you plan events and activities you must realize the list of women’s needs is a long and varied one. Read More
You never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are with a group of people for an extended period of time and they are a “captive audience.” This happens more often than you might realize. Read More
SHADES of REaD is a new way to learn about missions and how God is at work in the world. Replacing the old-fashioned Roundtable Book Club, this is a revitalized avenue for engaging women of all ages in discovering new authors, as well as God’s call for their lives. Read More
Do you sometimes wonder if all your leadership efforts are for nothing? Do the results match what you’ve attempted to accomplish? Consider taking some actions that might, just might, bring breakthrough results. The word “breakthrough” indicates something innovative or revolutionary takes place. Don’t all of us as leaders want this type of results? Read More
WMU’s “magalog,” a cross between a magazine and a catalog, Fulfilled is this month’s topic. The magalog format of short articles, lots of sidebars, great artwork and fun fonts introduces women to WMU and being radically involved in the mission of God. Read More
Learn how to use the Woman's Missionary Union annual report to help promote missions education Read More
Stretching a dollar concerns nearly everyone today. Whether one lives in a rural section of the nation or in a metropolitan area, people are concerned with getting the most for their money. Women, especially, have been responsible for seeing that household budgets are balanced. Read More
Motivate your volunteers to come forward and commit themselves to long-term involvement. Consider their gifts, passion, duties, input, tools, models, freedom, point of view, recognition, fun, relationships and support, and you will have more volunteers, more dedication and more results! Read More
What motivates volunteers today? Does your church or group have too few of these important participants? Reflect for a moment on why people volunteer their time, what they gain from that involvement, and what is needed to retain their participation. Think about how you can incorporate some of the following factors into your enlistment methods and your approach to working with volunteers. You’ll find happier volunteers who will stay longer! Read More
An unusual tool to remind you of prayer requests is to use a wraparound card. Read More
Intentional Community Evangelism (I.C.E.)is an outreach emphasis that encourages individuals and churches to find ways to minister effectively in their communities. Read More
You can make the best plans for an exciting women’s event and all the effort will be wasted if your publicity is poorly done. Failure to use every means you can to tell women about the missions activity or event is counterproductive! Read More
Because many of our churches do not have a regular missions education emphasis, it often seems difficult to involve adults in mission projects and in learning about Southern Baptists’ mission efforts around the world. Here are some thoughts that might help you as you seek to create a missions climate in your church. Read More
Nothing is more exciting than beginning something new! Especially something new for women! A women’s ministry emphasis in your church can be beneficial in several ways. Read More
While you may have been using your church’s newsletter as an avenue to inform women about activities, projects, and events, you may want to consider using a newsletter designed just for women. Read More
How to Be Involved in Missions This Winter Read More
No American town or city has been untouched by the recent military campaigns in Iraq and other parts of the world. Christians have traditionally been at the forefront of supporting our troops. There are several things you as an individual, a ministry group or a church can do to encourage members of the military and their families. Read More
Engaging younger women is a challenge that presents itself in every church, regardless of its size, ethnicity, or language. While many strong relationships between younger women and women who are more mature can be found, the interests and needs of young women can sometimes create a gap in their involvement and investment of their time in activities related to ministry and missions. Read More
Regardless of the type of women’s group you have, you need resources! But where do you find them? Are any of them free? What do Southern Baptists have that you might be able to use? Are some resources better than others? Read on to find the answers to these questions! Read More