How to design a newsletter

While you may have been using your church’s newsletter as an avenue to inform women about activities, projects and events, you may want to consider using a newsletter designed just for women. If your church is large, this could be a financial drain due to postage costs. If your church is small, this, too, may present a financial problem due to lack of funds. There is an alternative!

There are many printed and online resources to help you develop and maintain e-mail-generated newsletters. Do some library, online or bookstore research to determine which format best suits your purposes.

Women, most especially younger ones with good computer skills, find this type of communication more accessible and interesting than traditional, printed newsletters. Graphics number in the millions, and any newsletter can be something that looks nice and achieves its purpose of informing, educating and motivating women in their daily walk with God.

Five words can guide you as you seek to develop an e-newsletter: 

    What is the purpose of the newsletter? Make it more than just a publicity piece! Insert Bible devotions (available on The Cutting Edge) or use “A Woman’s Point of View” articles to encourage women living through difficult situations ( Use your newsletter to minister to women!
    Guard against letting the newsletter become an avenue to promote lots of things. Keep it for women only.
    Strive to have at least one article in each issue that supports and encourages women to meet the challenges they face. Vary the newsletter’s content – humorous accounts, interesting recipes, scripture passages for daily life application, training tips, testimonies, etc.
    Your newsletter should not be a venue to discuss political or church issues. Do not use it as an agenda “tool.”
    The format and length of your newsletter are important. Too “cutesy” won’t make the cut! If you want to attract and keep the attention of all women, the format, logos, graphics, font and colors must be quality – i.e., professional.

For more information on promoting women’s events in your church and how to create an informative newsletter to promote those events, contact:

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Last Published: February 2, 2012 7:57 PM