How to promote women's events in your church

You can make the best plans for an exciting women’s event and all the effort will be wasted if your publicity is poorly done. Failure to use every means you can to tell women about the missions activity or event is counterproductive!

The following promotion ideas will help engage women in participating in your efforts to help them grow spiritually, become effective leaders and develop missions lifestyles. 

  • Talk about it! Word of mouth and personal invitations are still the best way of promoting your activities.
  • Utilize regular promotion avenues: Church bulletins, newsletters, bulletin boards, flyers and posters that are related to the theme of your event are still good ways to advertise what the women are doing in your church.
  • Mailings: Computer-drafted flyers, postcards and printed invitations sent through the mail are a relatively inexpensive way to promote the details you want all women to know. E-mail blasts may be especially effective with younger women.
  • Business cards: Purchase a packet of business cards on perforated sheets and print the date, time, location and purpose of your next event or meeting. Distributing them three weeks prior to your activity is an unusual way to provide details while adding a personal invitation.
  • Hand out small theme-related items:   If you are having a spring women’s event, attach small cards with information to pieces of candy. Online sources tell you how to make candy roses, cookie lollipops, etc. One group chose shoes to relate to their “Walking With Jesus” women’s retreat. They baked shoe-shaped sugar cookies, put them in small cello bags and tied them with a ribbon and note giving the pertinent retreat information.
    • “Building a Balanced Life” – Distribute small children’s wooden blocks or nails glued to cards to promote participation.
    • “Spring Spa Day” – Use snack baggies to hold a note and sea salt, or  purchase eye shadow samples and attach event information.
    • “Jesus Is the Light” – Use wooden matches and connect them to postcards with your event details.

It’s been said that people need three invitations before they are likely to attend any event. Provide at least that many and make certain they are creative! 

For more information on promoting women’s events in your church, contact:

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WMU & Women's Ministries Specialist
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Last Published: February 2, 2012 7:57 PM