Put Women on I.C.E.

A recent article in Commission Magazine, a missions publication of Southern Baptists’ International Mission Board, related the story of how Daniel DeLava, associate pastor of First Baptist Church of South Los Angeles, participates in a North American Mission Board evangelism program. I.C.E. – Intentional Community Evangelism – is an outreach emphasis that encourages individuals and churches to find ways to minister effectively in their communities.

In essence, this emphasis focuses on developing lifestyle evangelism tools. As women are on the go as part of their daily lives, they can discover how to use their everyday schedules to enrich their witness opportunities. Here are some ways women can use their daily situations to share Christ.

25 Ways to Engage in Lifestyle Evangelism 

  1. During the Christmas holiday season, attach a Bible verse and information about church activities to rolls of scotch tape and distribute them to mall shoppers as they gather to listen to Christmas musical presentations.
  2. Invite neighbors to a coffee/tea and give each neighbor a bookmark or attractive printed sheet outlining the plan of salvation. Make the time together special and non-threatening.
  3. Working with other women, plan an event for children in the park during the warm summer months. Provide face painting or game activities that will attract families. Distribute New Testaments.
  4. Take Christian magazines to the local hospital’s emergency room. Put information about your church on the outside of the magazines. Be sure to obtain permission before doing this!
  5. Ask your dentist or doctor if you can provide coloring books (of course provide Bible story ones) for their waiting rooms.
  6. When you eat out use the opportunity to talk with the waiter/waitress about any prayer requests they might have so that when you pray for your food, you can include their request.
  7. Look for opportunities to demonstrate Acts of Kindness as you run errands or go to appointments (give a meal to a stranded traveler at a fast food place, etc.)
  8. Send encouragement cards to families in your community that are struck by disaster.
  9. Take thank-you baskets to the local fire and law enforcement stations to demonstrate your gratitude for the protection they provide in your community.
  10. Utilize a personal interest such as crafting, crocheting or sewing to provide items for homeless shelters, women’s crisis centers or other social agencies. This is something you can do long-term and as an individual.
  11. Invite neighbors to celebrate your birthday with you by having a party! At the party tell them about your spiritual birthday.
  12. Use everyday opportunities in the workplace to exhibit your compassion and concern about co-workers as they face difficult situations.
  13. Use a garage sale to present the Good News to shoppers as they stop to see your bargains. Have Christian materials to give away.
  14. Gather food staples and distribute them to families and share your testimony when you deliver them.
  15. When you travel by airplane, carry copies of Living with Preschoolers (LifeWay Christian Resources’ publication for families with preschoolers) or Share (Woman’s Missionary Union publication with mission activities to use with preschoolers). Use them to help a parent traveling with young children. The printed pieces will provide biblical principles for the parents and entertain the children at the same time!
  16. Participate in a block party.
  17. Help in Vacation Bible School during the summer in a low income area.
  18. Serve a meal on Skid Row.
  19. Distribute free bottled water at a community function. Attach labels that have a Bible verse about Jesus being the Water of life.
  20. Provide career clothing for a Christian Women’s Job Corps site.
  21. Become a mentor to a Christian Women’s Job Corps client.
  22. Make cloth bags to hold toiletry items for women’s crisis shelters.
  23. Sponsor a scrapbooking class and teach women how to journal their spiritual journey (of course you’ll show them what a true journey with Christ involves!).
  24. Use a quilting class as an avenue to tell others about Jesus.
  25. Contact a North American missionary and assist with a local ministry project.

For more information about mission involvement, contact:

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Last Published: February 2, 2012 7:52 PM