Getting breakthrough results as a leader

Do you sometimes wonder if all your leadership efforts are for nothing? Do the results match what you’ve attempted to accomplish? Consider taking some actions that might, just might, bring breakthrough results. The word “breakthrough” indicates something innovative or revolutionary takes place. Don’t all of us as leaders want this type of results?

Do you only dream dreams or do you set goals too?
Dreams are wonderful but goals give leaders a concrete, defined course of actions. Set three goals that can be measured, that involve taking specific actions, and then set a deadline. Dreams don’t work on deadlines but goals do. Review the goals frequently and stay focused on taking actions that will move you and your organization toward the realization of the goals for Breakthrough Results.

How positive are you?
Your attitude as a leader is critical. A negative one will find its way into your actions and inevitably into the results of your efforts. Positive attitude, positive actions and positive results will set the scene for Breakthrough Results.

What is your passion?
If you do not lead out of your passion, Breakthrough Results may remain a dream! When you do what you truly enjoy, the challenges you face as a leader will invigorate you. Delegate the “chores,” focus on your passion and lead from there for Breakthrough Results.

Do you know your strengths?
Learn to focus on your strengths and you’ll be more pleased with the results of your leadership. Build your teams with your weaknesses in mind and use the complementing results to your advantage. Your efforts will be stronger and your organization will benefit from Breakthrough Results.

Are you organized?
Not important you say? Think again! No one is attracted to a leader who can’t “get it together.” Manage your time; make a daily action plan; learn to delegate; do not procrastinate; follow through. Breakthrough Results will follow.

Do you have difficulty setting priorities?
The urgent is always with us. The important is often set aside for the urgent. This can be the downfall of a leader. Establishing priorities can minimize frustration, make you more efficient and relieve stress. Staying focused on the priorities you set can help you achieve Breakthrough Results.

Do you see opportunities or barriers?
Is your leadership glass half full or half empty? Changing the way you look at everything can bring a fresh wind of creativity and optimism to your leadership efforts. When we see opportunities for growth around the corner rather than expecting a wolf, Breakthrough Results will come to us as leaders.

Where we spend our time, money and energy will be seen in the results of our efforts. As leaders we must strive for Breakthrough Results!

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Last Published: March 11, 2009 7:08 PM