What is "Fulfilled"? How do I use it?

WMU’s “magalog,” a cross between a magazine and a catalog, Fulfilled is this month’s topic. The magalog format of short articles, lots of sidebars, great artwork and fun fonts introduces women to WMU and being radically involved in the mission of God.

Here are 10 ways to use Fulfilled:

  1. Refer to pertinent articles when leading conferences or workshops; there’s something for every woman.
  2. Give Fulfilled to young mothers juggling family and work responsibilities.
  3.  Introduce women to Pure Water Pure Love, CWJC® or WorldCrafts.
  4. Women who are interested in sharing their faith will find ideas and encouragement.
  5. For any woman who enjoys reading, Fulfilled presents WMU books.
  6. Share Fulfilled with women who want to grow spiritually.
  7. Hand out Fulfilled to young tech-savvy women. Encourage them to visit www.mymissionsfulfilled.com for more articles, devotions and resources designed to help women live intentionally.
  8. Offer Fulfilled to women interested in living a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Use Fulfilled to begin discussions on today’s hot topics such as human trafficking, going green and the current economic situation.
  10. Distribute Fulfilled to women who want to meet needs through mission trips.

Fulfilled is an infomercial for WMU and can be used in many situations to challenge women to live a missions lifestyle. Obtain copies by e-mailing Eva De La Rosa

Last Published: April 17, 2012 1:34 AM