Women's Mission Organization reports its ministry results

Remember the ad campaign by the National Enquirer back in the 80’s, “Enquiring (spelled with an E instead of an I to tie into the Enquirer) Minds Want to Know”? Borrowing that catchy phrase, let’s look at a WMU resource often overlooked but full of information promoting missions education.

Here are 10 ways to use the WMU Annual Report:

  1. Use page 2-3 to inform and remind churches of WMU’s tasks
    Praying for missions
    Learning about missions
    Engaging in mission action and witnessing
    Supporting missions
    Developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle
    Participating in the work of the church and denomination.
  2. Use page 5 to show pictures of all the colorful age-level magazines including Nuestra Tarea for the Hispanic audience.
  3. Use page 7, Preschoolers Are Worth It, when talking with preschool workers and parents of preschoolers. Tell them free Mission Friends training is available at www.missionfriends.com. Don’t forget to mention that the Christian Childcare Network provides helps for including missions education in programs.
  4. Use page 7, WMU Tackles Language Barrier, to share WMU’s commitment to producing Korean materials. New bilingual preschool and children’s missions materials are now available and adult material will follow.
  5. Use pages 9-11 in any situation you are discussing WMU to explain the variety of mission trip opportunities provided.
    International Initiatives – teams went to China, Jamaica, Jordan, Korea, Liberia, Paris and Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands last year sharing the gospel by addressing issues that affect women and children.
    MissionFest/FamilyFest – opportunities for children-through-adults to experience a mission trip in the United States. Prayer-walking, Bible clubs, servant ministries and light construction are typical projects.
    Collide – Last year the first Collide took place in Hawaii where almost 150 students, grades 9-12, took part in ministry projects like Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs and prayer-walking. This year Collide will take place in Savannah, Georgia.
  6. Use page 13 to share how CWJC and CMJC are ministries God is using to transform lives. Last year CWJC trainers traveled to Moldova and Liberia to conduct Level 1 training.
  7. Use pages 14 to introduce Pure Water, Pure Love to small group leaders, youth groups, children’s groups and individuals. This successful ministry started in 1997 and not only ensures pure, safe drinking water for missionaries by giving them filters and equipment but also grants funds for drilling wells in villages.
  8. Use page 15 to show women who love crafts pictures of artisans who make handcrafted items available for purchase at www.WorldCraftsVillage.com. Seventy different artisan groups in 38 countries make approximately 370 items for WorldCrafts. Information on planning a WorldCrafts party can now be found at www.WorldCraftsVillage.com events section.
  9. Use pages 16-17 to share some recent books published by New Hope Publishers including the 2008-09 emphasis book, “Compelled By Love.” New Hope Publishers continues to provide quality books committed to missional living.
  10. Use page 22, Missions Education Bolsters Giving, Stewardship, to inform pastors and church leaders that churches give more to the Cooperative Program, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering when they have ongoing missions education.

That’s just 10 ways you can use the annual report. The list didn’t include information on Children’s Ministry Day, www.myMISSIONfulfilled.com, True Blue and Give34. But you have an inquiring mind and can read about those for yourself. E-mail Eva De La Rosa for copies of the annual report and share them with those who are inquiring about WMU. Let’s put this eye-catching resource to good use in 2009!

Last Published: April 17, 2012 1:35 AM