SHADES of REaD is a new way to learn about missions and how God is at work in the world. Replacing the old-fashioned Roundtable Book Club, this is a revitalized avenue for engaging women of all ages in discovering new authors, as well as God’s call for their lives.

Here are the highlights of SHADES OF REaD:

  • Resources needed: copy of SHADES OF REaD page from each month’s issue of Missions Mosaic magazine (to subscribe go
  • Order the book to be used each month. Individual women may order their own copies or you may decide to share a book purchased by your church or one person. Sharing is good!
  • Decide how often you will meet. An online group currently is being formed. How great will that be?
    Ideas for meeting: dinner at restaurant, coffee shop time, in someone’s home (alternate), at church, a beach (yes!), a park, etc.
  • Look ahead to see if any of the authors live in your area. Wouldn’t it be great to have him/her come to one of your meetings?
  • The idea page in Missions Mosaic will give you ideas for icebreakers, specific suggestions for reviewing that month’s book, etc.

If you would like to be part of California’s first online SHADES OF REaD group, e-mail Eva De La Rosa. The first meeting will be held in the fall. Enroll now and get ready to have a great time!

Last Published: January 7, 2011 5:38 PM