Women's needs assessment

What do the women of your group need? As you plan events and activities you must realize the list of women’s needs is a long and varied one. Younger women have different needs than those whose children are grown and gone from home. A college student won’t have the same needs as one who is establishing her career. How can you be assured you are meeting needs as you provide learning and ministry opportunities for women you seek to involve?

There are many surveys in women’s ministries and missions publications. Compile your own based on what you know about your women. Surveying age groups is often a good way to get a clearer picture of specific needs. One mission group observed that in 18 months a large number of young moms were going to need help to potty-train youngsters. They made plans to meet that need. Did their credibility rise in those moms’ eyes? Absolutely!

While surveys are very helpful, it might be advisable to do an assessment. This is more in-depth than a survey and can help you determine whether spiritual growth and evangelism issues, personal concerns, or mission/ministry involvement rise to the surface. Adapt the following questionnaire for your situation and set aside time at an event (when you can collect the assessments right there – do NOT depend on getting them back at a later time – it won’t happen!). Following the assessment are some resources that can be used as you make plans to meet the needs indicated by your women.

Please place a check in the blank before each answer that applies: 

  1. What organization/groups match your interests?

 _____ women’s missions group

 _____ women’s ministries group

 _____ preschool activities

 _____ children’s groups/activities

 _____ teens’ groups/programs

 _____ co-ed groups and activities


  1. Which of these would be attractive to you?

 _____ Bible study for women

 _____ women’s retreats

 _____ prayer group

 _____ craft classes

 _____ missions information classes

 _____ leadership development

 _____ lifestyle evangelism

 _____ personal issues discussion group

 _____ outreach ministries to non-church members


  1. What areas of concern need to be addressed with the women of your church?

 _____ spiritual growth

 _____ witnessing training

 _____ evangelistic outreach into the community

 _____ knowledge about missions

 _____ personal fulfillment

 _____ personal involvement in ministry


  1. Check the ones that apply to you

 _____ under 40 years of age

 _____ single parent

 _____ work outside the home

 _____ work at home

 _____ widow

 _____ over 60 years of age

 _____ live alone

 _____ like hands-on activities

 _____ new believer

 _____ first-time member of a Southern Baptist church

 _____ need job skills

 _____ would like help growing as a leader

 _____ marriage/family/parenting enrichment

 _____ need English skills

 _____ like family-oriented activities/events

 _____ homeschool my children

 _____ am raising my grandchild

 _____ would like to know how to share my testimony

 _____ can see myself as a mission volunteer

Other areas where I would like more information: ____________________________

NOTE: At this point you may ask for name, address, etc. Or you may feel you will get more honest responses if the woman remains anonymous.

Once you have asked women to complete the above questionnaire, it is time to do the actual assessment. Begin by tallying the responses to each question. The responses to #4 will give you the demographics of your group (age span, spiritual needs, etc.). Use the responses to determine the greatest needs. Do not make all your plans to meet one set of needs. In other words, do not focus solely on spiritual growth. Women love variety! Your plans should show a balance in what you provide. This will maximize your impact and encourage women to participate. Look over the resources listed for three areas to help you make solid plans for meeting needs.

Personal Concerns/Issues

  • 5 Leadership Essentials for Women by Linda Clark
  • If God is in Control, Why Am I a Basket Case? by Debbie Williams
  • Succeed at Work without Sidetracking Your Faith by Amy Baker
  • To Knot or Not: Honest Advice from Married Women by Donna Greene
  • Shameless: Freedom Through God’s Redemption by Debbie Vanderslice

Spiritual Growth/Bible Studies

  • A Woman who Hurts, A God who Heals by Elsa Kok
  • Queen Esther’s Reflection by Ann Platz
  • Pull up a Chair: You, Me, and the Gospel of John by Lorie Keene
  • Be Restored! God’s Power for African American Women by Debra Berry
  • Certain Women Called by Christ by Paige Chargois

Missional Living

  • The Nehemiah Factor by Frank Paige
  • Trolls and Truths: 14 Realities about Today’s Church ... by Jimmy Dorrell
  • Live the Call by Wanda Lee
  • Faces in the Crowd by Donna Thomas
  • The Family God Uses: Leaving a Legacy of Influence by Tom & Kim Blackaby

Leadership Development

  • Awaken the Leader in You by Linda Clark
  • Tough Calls by Travis Collins
  • Soul Spa: Spiritual Therapy for Women in Leadership by Joyce Mitchell
  • Teams Work by Joyce Mitchell
  • Called to Love by Kaye Miller
Last Published: January 7, 2011 5:31 PM