Recipe for finding an effective speaker

Are you at a loss for how to find an effective speaker for your women’s event? Adapted from comments made by Bobi Seredich, President of Equanimity Inc., here are a few suggestions for a “recipe” for finding the right speaker.

When you search through your cookbook looking for something to cook, you know ahead of time what you are looking for. In other words, you know what you want to make. Choose a speaker who can deliver the results you want for your group or event. Be sure the speaker has a background that will enable her to speak to what your theme or projected results are. Don’t enlist someone to address the opportunities for women’s involvement in missions if she has never participated!

When you follow a recipe, you make sure you have the best ingredients. Be sure the prospective speaker is willing to learn about your group and its purpose. You don’t want a speaker who “recycles” a speech she has used multiple times before. “Tacking on” comments will not produce the desired results and the audience will be able to tell her material is not fresh.

Using the right tools will depend on your advance preparation. Find out what audio/visual and technical support the speaker will need for her presentation.

If a recipe calls for serving it fresh from the oven, you don’t serve it an hour later! Finding the best time to serve the audience gives the speaker the best chance for impact. Scheduling the speaker at the end of the entire event is done frequently, and this is really the worst time! Speaking while attendees eat is one of the worst things you can ask of a speaker. Being at the end of the program means everyone is ready to go home, people leave early and there’s a lot of watch-watching!

If a cake is to bake for 25-30 minutes, it won’t be tasty after baking 45 minutes. The same thing applies to finding the right speaker. Watching the baking time is critical for any speaker. Make sure the speaker understands her time allotment and that she needs to honor that time.

Paying attention to these elements will ensure that your recipe will result in your finding an effective speaker who will be motivational and inspiring for your event.

Last Published: January 7, 2011 5:20 PM