Grow your women's ministry groups

Here is an unusual way to engage new women for participation in your women’s ministry organization. It can also be used to reach out to women in your community who are non-believers and would feel more comfortable in an outside-the-church activity.

Enlist women with musical ability – pianists, vocalists, instrumentalists – to each perform one piece at an in-home recital. Plan an afternoon of music and invite a limited number of women to attend. A home is non-threatening and is warmer than a church fellowship hall atmosphere.

Make invitations and deliver them personally. Follow up to get confirmation of attendance. Enlist two or three women to prepare light refreshments. You may even want to prepare a simple recital program.

Ask one woman to share about her relationship with Christ. Ask her to make it brief and not a total summary of her life! After she shares, serve the refreshments and allow time for visiting.

This is an excellent way to meet new women and reach out into your neighborhood and community with information about your women’s groups and your church.

For more information, contact Eva De La Rosa, interim WMU/Women’s Ministries specialist, at 559.229.9533, ext. 256 or by e-mail

Last Published: June 14, 2011 10:45 PM