What should women's ministries include?

If you have agreed to lead out in establishing a new women’s ministries group or organization, you will need to spend some time thinking about what women’s ministries needs to be – its purpose, direction and strategy.

Your strategy and purpose will determine what the structure looks like. Will women’s ministries be under another “umbrella”? Will other groups come under the Women’s Ministries umbrella? Will the organization be represented to the church planning council or directly to a church staff member? How will the group be funded? By donations? By the women? Through the church budget? Under another ministry’s budget?

All of these questions must be answered before you begin enlisting leaders and equipping them. While nothing has to be printed, writing a purpose statement will guide your leadership team to plan events, program and activities that support the purpose. There are several elements every woman’s group/organization should contain for it to be viable in the church setting. It is not advisable to have some to the neglect of others. This will create a lop-sided focus and diminish the effectiveness of the group.

Consider these elements as you begin structuring the women’s ministries emphasis in your church:

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual growth must be at the heart of every Christian women’s organization. The goal/purpose should be to help every woman grow in her love of Jesus and to live her life in service to Him. Growing spiritually will involve study, spending time with other women and being involved in ministry.

Serving Others
Serving others should be a natural outcome of spiritual growth. Whether this is translated into equipping others to lead, ministering to the homeless, hungry, victims of domestic abuse, or participating in a short-term mission trip, each member of your women’s ministry group needs to find her place of service and use her God-given gifts to serve others. The group/organization cannot exist to serve itself, to make its members feel “warm and fuzzy.”

Leadership Development
For women’s ministry and mission groups to continue, leaders must be developed! Another outcome of spiritual growth should be the realization that each woman needed to grow as a leader. Many resources are available to facilitate leadership growth. Go to www.wmustore.com or www.newhopepublishers.com for resources small groups or individuals can use.

Fellowship and Fun
This is a key element in attracting women to your women’s ministries groups. While this cannot be the ultimate purpose, fun and fellowship allow women to “let down their hair” and get to know other women. Healthy relationships are a necessary part of women’s lives and if your organization facilitates their development, the entire organization will benefit.

There are many parts to a successful, healthy women’s ministry emphasis. To be balanced, your organization needs to include the above mentioned things and fit them into your strategic purpose for existing. If your group isn’t visible and viable, it will not be balanced or effective.

Last Published: February 8, 2011 5:51 PM