How to begin women's ministries in your church

Nothing is more exciting than beginning something new! Especially something new for women! A women’s ministry emphasis in your church can be beneficial in several ways.

  • It can bring women together for wonderful times of fellowship and bonding.
  • It can help women grow spiritually as they study God’s Word and learn about His direction for their lives.
  • It can encourage women to share Jesus with other women and become personally involved in missions-related ministries.

Where should you begin this important ministry? There are several steps you can take to ensure success:

  • Pray about the focus God wants your women’s emphasis to have: Bible study, prayer, current missions information, outreach to women in need.
  • Enlist a core group of women to serve as a leadership team. You only need three or four and can expand later. If you are the only woman – keep going!
  • Have a planning meeting and make these decisions:
    when you will meet
    how often you will meet
    put the dates on the church calendar
    what you will do for your first meeting/event
  • Plan the first event in detail (choose a theme, enlist a speaker, send out invitations, enlist women to help with food, determine decorations if any, etc.).
  • After the first event/activity/meeting, evaluate everything you did to see what needs to be changed and how things can be improved.

New Hope Publishers has many resources that will help you as you plan ministry activities for your women’s ministries groups. Here are several you might find very useful:

  • Party with a Purpose – This small volume contains great ideas for reaching out to unsaved and unchurched friends and neighbors.
  • A Woman’s Guide to … – This series by Rhonda Kelley focuses on women’s spiritual growth toward contentment, personal holiness and servant leadership. Formatted in a workbook style, they are great group Bible studies.
  • Supermom Has Left the Building – This book was written with young mothers in mind as they learn to balance God’s call on their lives and their busy home lives. Great for a book review session or group study!

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Last Published: February 2, 2012 7:56 PM