Find resources for women's groups - cheap, free, online
Regardless of the type of women’s group you have, you need resources! But where do you find them? Are any of them free? What do Southern Baptists have that you might be able to use? Are some resources better than others? Read on to find the answers to these questions!
Where you can find resources
  1. Get copies of New Hope, Woman’s Missionary Union, and Women’s Enrichment Resources from LifeWay catalogs. You can get these free from the state WMU/WM office and the Healthy Church Group offices.
  2. For mission resources go to or for online catalogs of priced and free materials.
  3. Contact your associational office or Director of Missions for information about resources available.
  4. Don’t forget that you can order a party kit from WorldCrafts and host an event featuring handcrafted items from around the world. Purchases provide income for women & their families living in poverty. Go to, click on Ministries and choose WorldCrafts.
Free Resources
  1. For themed women’s events, go to You’ll find everything from decorations to Scriptural themes to crafts to devotions. You get the idea!
  2. Contact the WMU/WM office for free samples of materials; for leaflets on various ministry opportunities; for pamphlets on mission trip know-how and mission offering information.
  3. Get a library card! Children’s books are wonderful sources of information and photos on every nation in the world. Magazines are great for photos that you can have copied & enlarged at a local copier.
  4. Go online for information on any nation and download photos, maps, recipes, and customs. A virtual storehouse of great stuff!
  5. Talk to military personnel and others who have traveled and lived abroad for artifacts and information to help you with special missions awareness.
  6. Resources for community involvement can be found through the local Chamber of Commerce and social service agencies.
  7. Look in your telephone book for import business listings.
Quality of Resources
Just as in any area, resources for women can be excellent, marginal, or to be avoided. When searching for Bible study materials, Southern Baptist entities are careful in their production of study pieces and require that each passes an internal check for doctrinal issues, etc. If you are looking for resources to help provide counseling for women in life issues, use caution that you do not embrace New Age philosophies. Use discernment when stepping outside familiar avenues of printed materials.
Last Published: January 7, 2011 5:44 PM