Archive: May, 2014

Radio still a tool in the evangelistic toolbox

In an age of Spotify, Pandora, on-demand television, DVRs and Netflix - nearly all of it accessible on nearly any computerized device of any size - radio can seem positively quaint. Outside of the daily commute, who listens to it anymore? And why on earth would it be considered a valuable evangelistic tool?

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​ Small churches not too small to give

Being small is not a limitation nor does it stop God's work, according to the pastor of a smaller California Southern Baptist Convention congregation. Grant Bennett, pastor of First Baptist Church in Kernville, told participants at two Smaller Membership and Rural Church Conferences in March, how God blessed and changed his congregation through ministry to the community.

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​ Volunteers help refurbish Camp Cazadero

After more than two seasons without it, Camp Cazadero again is able to use its chapel. Leaders credit California's Campers on Mission, a group of about 80 members who volunteer with handyman projects at various Christian locations as they travel.

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