Celebrating Baptist Associations

Celebrating Baptist Associations

Southern Baptists have designated a week in May each year for a Baptist Association emphasis for churches.

Resources are available to help educate and celebrate the local association, which is positioned to assist churches in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission. As churches are faithful to their calling, and as the Baptist association stands with them, lives will be touched and our world will be changed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The association is an integral part of our heritage (over 400 years) and ministry, and a vital partner in the urgent need to sow for the harvest.

Throughout the past 400 years in the Baptist association, one common thread has existed: assisting the local church in its task to fulfill the Great Commission.

Here are some ways churches, pastors and individuals could show appreciation to the association and/or director of missions:

  • Call and pray with the DOM
  • Send a handwritten note of appreciation to the DOM
  • Send a letter, on behalf of the congregation, in appreciation for the association, its staff and the DOM
  • Take your DOM and his staff to lunch
  • Play a round of golf with the DOM or treat him and/or his family to a favorite activity
  • Lead your congregation to pray for your association and the DOM

This also would be an excellent time to acknowledge and pray for the 29 CSBC associations and their directors of missions.

Here is a map with the location of California's associations.

Remember to celebrate the association!

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.