Church Financial Guidebook

Church Financial Guidebook

The Church Financial Guidebook is a practical reference for staff and lay leadership to establish financial practices and procedures that ensure the church operates with the highest degree of integrity.

The Guidebook, published by the Stewardship Development Association of which CSBC is a participant, can help church leaders ensure sound financial management practices and procedures to help prevent poor decisions and unexpected scandals.

There is no single area of ministry or organizational life that can destroy a reputation faster than the accusation of financial mismanagement. The Guidebook offers a collection of best practices based on current tax law and popular financial management techniques that will protect leaders and the church from false accusations and provide a roadmap to successful financial money management.

CSBC provides a digital download of the Church Financial Guidebook, which includes the following topics:

  • Receipts,
  • Disbursements,
  • Ethics: Safeguarding Church Assets,
  • Reports: Accounting/Record Keeping,
  • Sample Forms (including IRS),
  • Checklists, and
  • Other helpful resources.

The Guidebook begins with helpful information such as developing a biblical concept of money, conducting an annual stewardship emphasis in your church, selecting a church treasurer, understanding 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and recognizing IRS prohibitions on political activities.

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