Reaching Older Adults

Reaching Older Adults

Are you ready to focus on connecting with today’s older adults?

More older adults are living now than ever in history, including the

  • Greatest Generation – Those who led in conquering Axis threats to democracy and building the infrastructure of modernity
  • Silent Generation – Those who brought on the most expansive social reforms in our history
  • Baby Boomers – Born between the end of World War II and the assassination of President Kennedy

While today’s older adults have moved from setting the stage for expansion in most every area of life, they also have seen the criticism, reinventing or dismantling of many programs built throughout their lives. Today’s older adults need hope and good news more than any time in history. They want to believe there is something greater than themselves and that real freedom can be experienced. The message of the gospel has often been scrutinized by these adults and their peers, yet they realize there is a limit to their own time and influence. If ever there was a time to focus on helping a group hear and encounter the Good News of Christ, it is today for older adults!

Use a simple memory tool (the letter “p”) for ministry with this important group..

Practice the P's of Reaching Today’s Older Adults

  • Pray for the unsaved and for those reaching out
  • Prime the Pump by enrolling, cultivating and involving
  • Prepare for opportunities God sends your way
  • Plan to share the gospel through faith stories
  • Provide a way for people to respond to God's Good News
  • Personalize your reach – older adults appreciate the personal approach

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