Insurance for international mission teams for 2018

Insurance for international mission teams for 2018

What is your church’s plan to cover its teams for any unexpected medical events or accidental injuries? Personal health insurance and basic travel accident plans typically do not provide the most effective protection. They might not provide any protection at all.

CSBC Insurance Services* can provide short-term or long-term health insurance for missionaries and mission teams with coverage from GeoBlue, an affiliate of the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Associations, or Cigna Global. Short-term mission coverage is often just pennies per day per team member, and includes full medical care, not just care for accidental injuries, in more than 180 countries around the world.

Contact us at today to obtain a quote for your team. Plans are also available for non-missionary groups and individual travelers.

*CSBC Insurance Services, LLC (CA Insurance License #0L81802) is another value-added resource for cooperating Southern Baptist churches and their members from California Southern Baptist Convention.

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