Make Your Will Month

Make Your Will Month

Making a will is extremely important for you and your family. January is Make Your Will Month.

A new study by AARP reveals that 40 percent of baby boomers do not have a will. When you include the younger generation, that percentage almost doubles in California. Far too many people procrastinate, often because of uncomfortable family issues.

If you are one of those, you are in good company. Martin Luther King failed to make a will and today his family is still fighting over control of his estate. Sonny Bono died without a will. He had been married four times and had five children. All of them made claims against his estate, including his ex-wife Cher. Warren Burger, the US Supreme Court Justice, had a “do it yourself” will that was full of misspellings and oversights. It cost his family thousands of dollars to settle the estate.

Failing to create a will or creating a "do it yourself" will can have grave consequences for your family.

As believers, God calls us to be good stewards. Here are some important reasons for completing your will:

  • naming guardians for minor children
  • giving to ministry
  • providing for children and heirs
  • simplifying the process for family

As a committed believer and a California Southern Baptist, you can have a will seminar at your church, or schedule a private meeting with an attorney who will help set up a plan for your family.

January is a wonderful time for a fresh start. Do your family a favor and call today for a consultation.

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