Safety & Security for Childhood Ministries

Safety & Security for Childhood Ministries

California Southern Baptist Convention has resources to help develop and implement worker screening, supervision and reporting procedures to reduce risks to minors, church leaders and churches concerning child abuse.

Church leaders often ask about legal requirements. Find links to supporting documents in the "Download" section on this page for:

  • baby crib standards
  • clergy as mandatory child abuse reporters
  • federal requirements when screening workers – Notice of Consumer Report Rights and Adverse Decision Notification

The State of California does not require churches to screen childhood ministry workers and volunteers, but most insurance companies do require screening for coverage. The State of California requires church-based schools, weekday preschools and after-school programs to screen workers.

The Childhood Safety and Security videos below are designed for pastors, staff, key church leaders and volunteers.

  • worker screening standards
  • insurance company expectations
  • legal requirements
  • policies and procedures

    These can help churches provide a safe place for children and volunteers. A Safety and Security Checkup worksheet is provided along with documents on policy development and worker screening (see the Download section).

    An overview of Childhood Safety and Security is available on Vimeo in a four-part series. The videos can be viewed online or downloaded:

    • Childhood Safety and Security - Part 1
    • Childhood Safety and Security - Part 2
    • Childhood Safety and Security - Part 3
    • Childhood Safety and Security - Part 4

    Also in the Download section you will find documents related to childhood safety and security:

    • Safety and Security Checkup
    • Steps to Making Your Church Safe
    • Interviewing Church Volunteers
    • New Worker Orientation Checklist
    • Protecting Children and Youth
    • Abuso de menores en la iglesia
    • Entrevistando a los Voluntarios de la Iglesia
    • Revisión de Seguridad y Protección

    This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.