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California Southern Baptist Convention pastors recently received a letter from Steve Bass, west region vice president of the North American Mission Board, dated March 5. The letter contained a document, prepared by CSBC Executive Director Fermín A. Whittaker that described recent decisions and actions by NAMB and their impact on California Southern Baptists. The document sent by NAMB included their response to CSBC's document, but did not include CSBC's reply to NAMB's comments. The entire document, including NAMB's response and CSBC's reply, was posted on the CSBC Web site March 1 in an attempt at full disclosure.

The original document was presented to the CSBC Executive Board on January 26 to inform the Board how NAMB's actions will impact CSBC ministries in the future. The Board also needed to know how NAMB decisions will intersect with Focus 21 Task Force recommendations which were referred to the Board by the October 2011 CSBC annual meeting. CSBC's report was not written to antagonize NAMB, nor to damage the relationship between the two agencies. The report was written in an attempt to inform California Southern Baptists about decisions and actions that will significantly impact our ministries in California. CSBC administration remains committed to the report.

Click here to read the report in its entirety.