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Small but healthy

It was my pleasure to worship with a small, open-country church in West Texas on a recent Sunday -- not a traffic light in sight for miles.

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Gaines: 10 things Christians can do after election

America is in trouble, Gaines said in closing. The answer, he said, "is right here in this room," referring to Christians and local churches. "We have to wake up and focus on God. We have to be salt and light," he said. "We have to love our country enough to stand up for our Lord Jesus Christ."

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50 new missionaries commissioned by IMB

Bob and Melanee Gallina invested 18 years in leading The Church at Green Hills in La Habra, Calif. They lived in a comfortable house that was a home base for their children, who are missionaries overseas. After retirement, the couple noted, they planned to serve overseas themselves.

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Presidential transition prompts calls for prayer

Prayer for a smooth presidential transition and thankfulness for the American tradition of peaceful leadership transfer are among Southern Baptists' prescriptions for the 73 days between Election Day and Donald Trump's inauguration as America's 45th president.

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​Plateaued church shifts focus, maintains CP support

Despite continued strength in attendance, active participation in church programs and international mission trips, Greg Roper, Senior Pastor of Trinity Southern Baptist Church, Fresno, CA. and other leaders determined about three years ago the congregation was only growing inward and needed to refocus.

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