Archive: March, 2017

Twain, trains & Jesus' westward trail

Welcome to the mystery of the West, a region of gorgeous mountains, forests and canyons -- and large "meccas of the flesh" that draw people from around the world. Multifarious marijuana salesmen abound as do New Age gurus plying their trades. In slower paced rural areas, meanwhile, complacency can be king.

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Volunteers needed for Crossover

This year's Crossover efforts will center on a June 11 Harvest Crusade led by Greg Laurie. Prior to that, organizers need volunteers to help local churches conduct door-to-door visitation across Phoenix, engaging residents in Gospel conversations and extending personal invitations to attend the crusade.

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Pastors' Conf. launches scholarship opportunity

The Southern Baptist Convention Pastors' Conference has announced it will provide $1,000 travel scholarships to pastors of "average-sized churches" who cannot otherwise afford to attend the Pastors' Conference and SBC annual meeting this summer in Phoenix.

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IMB study to examine entity trustee fluctuations

While the Southern Baptist Convention's Committee on Nominations met this week (March 16-17) in Nashville to discuss potential members of boards and standing committees, a subcommittee of the International Mission Board was embarking on a study of trustee representation from states and territories with decreasing numbers of Southern Baptists.

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