Archive: March, 2018

Free church security training offered through May 1

As public shootings continue to make headlines, many churches are evaluating where their facilities stand on security. LifeWay Christian Resources is helping churches make safety a priority by providing free security training through its Ministry Grid platform.

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Calif. bill threatens Bible-based therapy

A proposed law in California could outlaw helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-identity confusion. If passed, the bill, introduced last month by Assemblyman Evan Low, would be the most expansive ban on therapy related to sexual orientation and gender in the country.

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Missed opportunity? Families affected by physical, mental challenges

A congregation devoid of members with disabilities is a diminished congregation, missing out on the gifts and talents that population contributes to the church body, said Steve Grcevich, a psychiatrist and president of Family Center By The Falls in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Grcevich participated in an EFL panel discussion on special needs and mental health.

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FIRST-PERSON: Do it anyway

One of my roles as a director of missions is assisting churches in mentoring men and occasionally women in ministry. My favorite mentoring or teaching relationship, however, is with a 37-year-old pastor and a pair of 33-year-old twins. Those are my three children. All three are involved in ministry.

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FIRST-PERSON: Simple questions

The American church has never been more analyzed and categorized, with predictions galore about where it's headed, what it's becoming, how it needs to change, and whether it is growing, plateaued or declining. It's easy to get lost in all this and decide the health of our own local church more intuitively -- basically, do we like it? If we do, then it's a "healthy" church. If not, then it needs to change so we will like it more, which is an unhealthy standard.

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ERLC, Village Church to co-host conf. in Dallas

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and The Village Church will co-host a conference on the church's Gospel engagement with the world just prior to the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting this year in Dallas, ... titled "The Gospel and the Future of the Church" -- will be held ... June 8-9 at The Village Church's Flower Mound campus in metro Dallas.

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This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.