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Native American evangelism: past & present examined

Following a two-day evangelism training session in conjunction with the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Phoenix, the Fellowship of Native American Christians is setting its sights on what executive director Gary Hawkins calls "self-propagating, self-promoting, self-supporting" efforts to reach American Indians for Christ.

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Their Holy Land travels enrich Bible study leaders

"We take these pictures to help our readers visualize and make the Bible come to life, but nothing can compare to actually being there," said G.B. Howell, Jr., Biblical Illustrator's (a publication of LifeWay Christian Resource) content editor. Every few years, members of the Biblical Illustrator team travel overseas to capture photos, building an archive of around 250,000 images.

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Insight - August 2017

One of the key aspects of the vision for California Southern Baptist Convention is centered in how CSBC will assist churches in planting strong, healthy, reproducing congregations.

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New website, e-book to spark 'evangelism renewal'

As a way to encourage evangelistic obedience among pastors and congregations, Thom Rainer, LifeWay President and CEO, has partnered with the North American Mission Board to launch The site will encourage churches to record how many Gospel conversations they hope to have in 2018. "We know conversion is only by the Holy Spirit, but we also know that God begins most of these conversions with Gospel conversations."

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