This new section of The Cutting Edge will be a collection of thoughts and comments written by women’s specialist Dr. Linda Clark.

Ministry provides many rich illustrations of God’s truths, promises and instructions. Readers may find the articles suitable for devotions or springboards for small group discussions or presentations at women’s events.

As women serve in leadership positions in communities, workplaces and churches there are many opportunities to share Christ and be advocates for other women. It is hoped these articles will motivate readers to search scripture and reflect on God’s call for their lives.

PLAIN ideas made FANCY by reflection and application!

I have been reading an interesting book that chronicles female journalists, photographers, and news correspondents during World War II. The author has done an excellent job researching the life stories of women who dedicated their passion to tell the “other” stories of war – the stories about how war affected daily life. Read More
Histories of women’s accomplishments through the years make for interesting reading. As women around the world have grappled with independence issues, personal-potential questions and misunderstood freedoms, they have still forged ahead to carve out for themselves places of recognition and achievement. Read More
I began to think about how we often take our assets – time, money, abilities – and make poor investments with them. Not only do we miss opportunities to learn about God’s Word, we don’t always look for opportunities to share His Word with others. Read More
This PLAIN AND FANCY comes from the pen of my father, William Bell, who went Home on March 4, 2009. Several years ago while he was still pastoring, I asked him to write his personal feelings about missions education from a pastor’s point of view. Read More
The time for the Southern Baptist emphasis on international missions is just around the corner! As you begin to make plans for this special time of prayer for mission efforts around the world, there are materials designed to assist you in providing up-to-date information about the needs of the world in which we live. Read More
Suddenly I realized that what I was doing was foolish. You’ve probably figured out what I belatedly remembered. That’s right … I’d forgotten about the Cooperative Program (CP). If I channel my money through CP, I can help 1,000 causes with a single contribution. Read More
The Lord will show us countless avenues of ministry if we will only “stop, look and listen” to His voice. Mission fields are not in other countries, states or counties. We live in a mission field! Read More
We as missions-minded Christians need to guard against tucking away our knowledge of the saving power of Christ. Read More
I have never thought of myself as a person who is obstinately against change. Some things, though, should remain the same! Read More
It’s a PLAIN fact that we must keep learning. When we develop mission lifestyles, the results will be FANCY Read More