A Woman’s Point of View is part of The Cutting Edge which features different women’s thoughts on a wide variety of topics of special interest to women. The purpose of these articles is to provide you with a broad biblical basis for dealing with an issue, devotional-type comments on the topic, suggestions for dealing with the issues, and recommended reading. All articles are anonymous.

Some of the subjects that will be addressed in A Woman’s Point of View are thoughts about: divorce, parenting preschoolers, being retired, working women, being a widow, having an abortion, being a minister’s wife, parenting a teen, being in an abusive relationship, having had a miscarriage, being an “empty-nester,” a newlywed, or a new mom.

It is hoped that these brief articles will provide encouragement to you and you can use them to minister to others with the information you receive. Each article can be downloaded and is suitable for printing and placing in a 3-ring notebook binder for future reference. A Woman’s Point of View, like everything on The Cutting Edge, is designed with women in mind!

ing my life I’ve had many heartaches. God was my comfort during my son’s many surgeries, my divorce, and my daughter’s drug addiction. But there was one hole (heartache) in my life I kept buried, that I didn’t want to face. I didn’t think God was there during that time. Read More
I was a pastor's wife when my husband went to be with the Lord. We were a team and did the majority of our ministry together. It was almost immediately evident that my role in life, the church, and ministry would change. Read More
RETIRED! To be or not to be! That was the question. Retirement can be the most exciting part of life if it is entered into with the right attitude. I had already worked past retirement age and I was still not ready to retire. I had prayed that God would let me know when, and also that He would guide me in knowing how best to use my gifts in retirement. I was confident He would. You see there was another time when life was just beginning for me. Read More
When I was asked to write this article, I first thought it would be good to actually write down my feelings on being a single Christian woman in today’s world. Then I realized it would not be so easy because I have conflicting feelings. Read More
A minister’s wife will be called upon to express herself or give an opinion about many things. Many will be trivial; others on serious matters. How she responds, her tone of voice, and the actual words she uses can be just right or harmful to the situation. “A word fitly spoken.” Read More
It was a sunny, cold Saturday morning at our home, when the telephone rang. That was nothing unusual for the telephone to ring since it was close to the Christmas holiday and we were expecting company. But when I heard the voice on the other side of the line say, “This is Doctor Allyson,” I was a bit nervous and a bit confused. After all, what doctor will call his or her patient at home on a Saturday? Read More
“Mommy, is it time for snack yet?” Ashlyn, my five year old asks. “Not quite. We’ll have snack when we get back in the van on the way to the grocery store” I reply, knowing my window of calm for finding some quality Christian fiction books at our local library was quickly disappearing. Read More