The devotions posted in this section of Uplifting! can be used for personal quiet time, at women's small group sessions, at the beginning of other events, or enclosed with notes of encouragement to a friend. 

As we live our lives for Christ, there are certain qualities which should be visible. If our prayer lives are active, these qualities will develop as we intercede for others. Read More
How can you retain your saltiness in today’s world? With so many negative conditions and forces against us, it takes concentrated effort to maintain our daily influential walk. Despite how difficult it is, our efforts are well worth it! Read More
With stress all around us we are becoming more aware of a need to find ways to release the tension quickly and frequently. One of the best is through exercising and breathing deeply. When breathing is done in tune with God, it is a meditating and spiritually cleansing experience to recognize that He is in control. Read More
Prayer is a gift to us out of the love God has for us. This love is a gift that allows for two-way communication; one that draws us to the Father and also opens our hearts to understand Him. We can share with Him our hearts so He will work in His perfect Spirit the answers to our and others’ needs. God has given us a gift! Read More
Starting the New Year was a little bit daunting to me. Even more so than most since it’s a new decade with many new challenges. I stalled out for the first week, fumbling around getting my footing. Then God, in an unexpected moment, intervened and gave me the vision of staying focused on Him while juggling life’s challenges. Read More
Have you ever noticed that YOUR problems are so clearly in front of you? In fact the concerns, difficulties and burdens are so clear, and perhaps so heavy, they keep you from functioning with energy? Read More
So many prayer needs … so little time, energy and resources. Read More
A little sin goes a long way in preventing us from being effective. It starts as a little thing and spreads until we no longer even recognize it in our lives. Read More
Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and take a journey into this delightful prayer garden. Read More
Following Jesus’ example of praying, as recorded in John 17, note how scripture instructs us to pray. Use Jesus’ prayer focus as a study of prayer for yourself, for disciples and for all believers. What would you add to this list? Read More
On my prayer walk the other day I found some natural clay and it reminded me of how God uses prayer. Read More