Your Personal Prayer Life

Who doesn't need help in her prayer life? The innovative ideas you'll find in this section of Uplifting! are meant to uplift perhaps the most important part of your daily Christian walk with God. It is only when we bathe our lives in prayer that we find true peace, feel secure, live uprightly, and rest in God's love. Incorporate some of these suggestions into your prayer regime - you'll be enriched! 

Before you get caught up in the stress and busy-ness of holiday preparations, make the decision to make a difference for Christ by praying for the world. Read More
Sometimes it’s a wonderful place to be, but sometimes it can be a frustrating place. Sometimes I can’t wait to get there, and sometimes I can’t wait to leave. But regardless of how I feel, my local church is the place God has given me for this season to work, serve, worship and learn about Him. Because the church is so important to God, we need to pray for our churches, their leaders and our service there. Read More
Remembering those with past needs and passing loved ones can be an encouraging experience to both you and the receiving party. You once prayed for them and now you receive a reminder of their impact in your life – a memory of the goodness and God’s purpose for them comes back to you. Another life is being restored from a life that has gone on to glory. Read More
One quick second in time can change so much! Everything is going well and you have your plans and day laid out. Then, you hear from a friend of a precious prayer need via a phone call or e-mail, and your day changes directions! Read More
Check out these fantastic helps from the International Mission Board to empower your prayer life! Read More
Managing pain is a pain many of us have to deal with. We can’t escape pain these days. Whether it is chronic physical pain from an illness or disease, or emotional pain from loss or suffering, we are all forced to face it and learn to manage our lives around it. Read More
Set aside to SEEK time for you and the Lord to abide together, one-on-one. If we do not do this unconsciously, we need to make the effort to do it consciously. Springtime is a perfect time to start something new and to be renewed in the innermost part of your life. Your love for the Lord is paramount to your attitude in life, to be all you were created for. Read More
Prayer is useless if not used. If your prayer life is in a “rut,” try something new. Try a new method, technique, area or approach to revitalize your focus. Take prayer to a new level so you will be energized for service. Read More
A card worth carrying! The North American Mission Board’s evangelistic tool was created to use for Soul Winning Commitment Day, October 5, 2008. However, it is worth carrying and using all year long for reminding us to pray for the lost we know. Read More
In our busy lives we often find ourselves rushed and short on time. Even on those occasions when your normal prayer time suddenly gets pushed aside, you can TAKE FIVE minutes to pray! Try Read More
No matter where you are and what situation you are in, you carry with you a ready “on hand” prayer list. We all can remember these simple reminders for each finger. If we cover these 5 fingers of influence every day, hands-on impact can be made for missions around the world. Read More
Very seldom do we think about breathing. Inhaling, exhaling, is so involuntary, yet the very essence of life to our bodies. We are not even conscious of doing it, until, we can’t Read More
What if you lost your ability to verbalize your thoughts? What if you couldn’t control your body to move or function to share what your heart and mind hold? What if prayer and faith were all you had control of? Read More
Just as carrying a physical load in a backpack tires us out, so does an emotional load we carry within. Read More
Having a short-circuited memory and too many tasks each day, can affect your prayer life. It works like this: you have a crisis prayer concern shared with you, you want to pray, you know the need of prayer and yet you just don’t get to it, as you committed to do! Read More
Facing a big decision or difficult relationship and need God’s direction and touch? Life is pressing you hard, too busy to get a way but you need this desperately. Take just an hour for refreshment from the Lord’s touch alone to change your life. Read More
Life is so busy, so noisy, so cluttered to hear from God Almighty. Secret to listening………. be silent!, ask questions, pause and hear. Read More