Listened to God lately?

Life is so busy, so noisy, so cluttered to hear from God Almighty. Secret to listening………. be silent!, ask questions, pause and hear.

Just begin by asking God to quiet your mind and your heart. Seek to be uplifting Him by reflecting on His love and care. Breathe in His love, grace and peace. Do you hear Him…listen, be silent, listen!

Ask simple question for His guidance to meet your needs. Simply ask; no scheming, no run-on reasoning, simply ask and listen.

Pause. Breath deep, listen to the still, small, voice within your heart. Listen. Repeat back to Him what you hear Him saying. Listen.

Hear Him completely, with no complaints, excuses or compromises. Listen. Be obedient to what He says!

This is the mystery of listening to God; do what He says now, and He will speak more plainly to you in the future! Are you listening?

Last Published: March 26, 2009 11:48 PM