Don't let your prayer life be short-circuited!

Having a short-circuited memory and too many tasks each day, can affect your prayer life. It works like this: you have a crisis prayer concern shared with you, you want to pray, you know the need of prayer and yet you just don’t get to it, as you committed to do! Many other things, so much less important, take the front focus in our minds, time and commitments. 

Let me share how God remedied that conflict for me with a simple practical hands-on approach.  All in one day, I had prayer requests shared with me that were vitally important to me. A vibrant key leader shared she had been sick for a couple weeks and now lost her voice. A mentee was panicking over a critical planning meeting coming up. Family members had health needs and were jobless. So many needs to focus on. So God lead me to find tangible objects to represent each one of those persons. Simple things; a book given by the leader, a saltshaker from the mentee, a handful of rocks and sea shells to represent the family, all were something given to me to relate to the persons in need of prayer. I used these items, large and small, to focus my constant attention on the persons who had prayer needs. The book was placed on the kitchen table and I carried it to new locations as I moved about the house, remembering to pray for the leader it so preciously represented. The salt shaker was on the kitchen counter, used to season my thoughts, my food, my attention to my friend and mentee’s needs. The seashells and small rocks filled my pocket, as I wandered about my daily tasks, hearing, carrying the weight and being reminded of the special needs to represent my family needs. Small thing, but to me, these small tangible items kept my mind and my heart focused on the praying I had committed and wanted to do! 

I thank God for the “remembrances” He uses in my life, of His charge to pray without ceasing.

Last Published: March 11, 2015 11:44 PM