Second chances

What if you lost your ability to verbalize your thoughts? What if you couldn’t control your body to move or function to share what your heart and mind hold? What if prayer and faith were all you had control of?

How would you pray for

  • someone to understand your needs beyond words?
  • someone to be there to administer a drink or ease the pain?
  • a way to communicate your love and passion?

What changes would you make?

  • Prayer life to be more vibrant?
  • Change your desires from selfish wants?
  • Change your appreciation of minute, unimportant things?

What would be the important issues to you?

  • Touch of others?
  • Kind, loving words said through thoughtful eyes?
  • Tears of compassion?

Now imagine, by the grace of God, the tingling of life recharging your fingertips, your tongue. What an exuberance of joy it is to make movements and sounds! Being able to let your thoughts be known to others. Being able to express God’s unconditional love and power, as prayers of your heart. Would you not humbly appreciate life, as a SECOND CHANCE, to share God’s amazing love and grace? Would you not make every movement and word count, as a prayer of service to your heavenly Father?

You have been given a SECOND CHANCE, this very minute! What difference does your prayer make, moving from your heart to your mind and your body?

Last Published: March 26, 2009 11:46 PM