Hold Your Breath

Very seldom do we think about breathing. Inhaling, exhaling, is so involuntary, yet the very essence of life to our bodies. We are not even conscious of doing it, until, we can’t. A recent respiratory illness has brought an understanding that every breath we take is actually allowed by God’s Holy Spirit to keep life in our bodies. Every breath sustains us to function; mind connecting and enabling our bodies to follow commands.

If we think about God’s Spirit moving in and through us, with each breath we take, would we live differently? Would we measure each word to count and not be careless? Would we put forth energy to relationships and not accomplishment of tasks? Would we flow with a glow of God’s purpose of life? Would joy and thanksgiving not be our energizing force?

Stop right now and focus on a breathing exercise. Breathe deeply in for the count of 10. Hold for the count of 20. Slowly release for the count of 10. Again, inhale, hold, and exhale, aware of God’s presence.  Again, aware that every breath you draw, draws you closer to God. Pray as you inhale - seeking, recognizing, and allowing God’s presence to fill you. Pray as your hold - thanking Him for who He is in your life. Pray as you exhale - releasing all tension, anxiety, unforgiveness. Are you not being refreshed as God’s presence slows you down and fills you with His peace and love?

Practice deep breathing wherever or whenever you need to know the presence of God. Thank God for your very existence to live for Him with EACH breath you take.

Last Published: March 26, 2009 11:45 PM