316 Prayer Cards

A card worth carrying! The North American Mission Board’s evangelistic tool was created to use for Soul Winning Commitment Day, October 5, 2008. However, it is worth carrying and using all year long for reminding us to pray for the lost we know. The 316 Prayer Card serves as a reminder for believers to pray for three friends, and that their conversations will lead to sharing the Gospel of Christ with others. To order packs of 100, visit www.nambstore.com and search for 316.

Having a 316 Card is not a requirement for praying for the lost! We are commanded to love one another, and given an example of seeking the lost by Christ, that all might come to Jesus in belief. Just as often as we pull out any credit card or a business card to identify ourselves, we should be sharing the Gospel of Christ’s love! We call ourselves “Christians” yet fail to identify to others what makes us a “Christian.”

We are carrying the GOOD NEWS within us wherever we go and yet we keep it to ourselves. Shame on us; shame on me! Let us find a way to freely give what we have freely received in Christ’s name. Wearing Christian jewelry, using symbolic tools, and displaying or carrying scripture are little ways to serve as reminders and conversation starters. Know how to quickly and briefly state the “Good News” of Christ’s gift of salvation to all who believe on His Name. Know and be willing to share how He touched you and met your needs, so you can touch others, so Christ can meet their needs.

Have simple items like prayer cards to give away just to let someone know you are praying for them! One lady I know enjoyed the craft of making jewelry. When someone said something about the jewelry she was wearing, she gave it to the person! They could not believe someone would do that for them, but she had the opportunity then (because they would listen) to tell them about God’s gift to her and why she wanted to pass it on to them. What can you do to freely share Christ’s love?

Are you a Card Carrier? Let’s be active in our praying and witnessing to the lost!

Last Published: February 9, 2009 6:31 PM