Take Five Minutes for Prayer

In our busy lives we often find ourselves rushed and short on time. Even on those occasions when your normal prayer time suddenly gets pushed aside, you can TAKE FIVE minutes to pray! Try using your personal hygiene time to be focused on God and His care in prayer. What difference can five minutes make? Try these self-care ideas and experience the UPLIFTING it will bring..

Print these ideas and post them near your bathroom mirror and sink.

  1. Use TWO MINUTES to brush and rinse your teeth.
    Pray for God’s power to cleanse you of attitudes of the heart, words of your mouth and deeds of your hands that are not pleasing to Him. Ask God to control every word to bring glory and praise to Him, UPLIFTING others with encouragement. Wash your mouth and spit out selfishness and conceit. Rinse with praise the purpose God has given you to use your mouth and speak up for Him.
  2. Brush and fix your hair for TWO MINUTES. Ask God to give you acceptance of yourself and appreciation of who He has created you to be. Thank Him for knowing every hair on your head and His perfect plan and movement throughout your day. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in your care and presentation of who you are in Christ Jesus. Pray that your vitality from within will shine as a witness of His care and a statement of His faithfulness.
  3. Apply moisturizer to your face for ONE MINUTE. Pray for your inner beauty to glow through you, that others will see God’s peace alive and at work. Pray for your health to be strong from the inner cells out. Pray for health to endure with energy and grace all God has for you today. Pray for others who need a loving touch of moisture from God’s hands to restore them. See their faces and visualize God’s care for them. Pray for the reflection of love you bring to others, as you look younger and feel better, with a smile on your face.
  4. Apply your basic eye makeup taking ONE MINUTE. Ask God to give you vision and insight into the path you should take today. Seek to have your eyes wide open to see God at work. Pray for eyes to see beyond the obvious, to the inner needs of others that you might UPLIFT them. As you add finishing touches, praise God that He cares for the details of your day. Ask Him to direct and lead you in taking notice of the areas that only you can focus on and make a difference today.

FIVE MINUTES in prayer can refocus you from the rush and demands of the world, to the UPLIFTING plan God has for you to make a difference TODAY.

Last Published: February 9, 2009 7:13 PM