SEEKing tea

Set aside to SEEK time for you and the Lord to abide together, one-on-one. If we do not do this unconsciously, we need to make the effort to do it consciously. Springtime is a perfect time to start something new and to be renewed in the innermost part of your life. Your love for the Lord is paramount to your attitude in life, to be all you were created for.

SEEK a place of solitude for you to get apart from the world and be with the Lord. Choose a setting with just yourself, your Bible and perhaps a cup of tea. Put on some quiet music, if you like, or light a candle. Sit still, quietly SEEK His presence.

Search your innermost thoughts and needs. Where do you feel unloved, unfulfilled? Question your motives, your attitudes. Where are you most happy and gifted in serving? Are you heading in the direction God has put in your heart?

Evolve from the focus on self to seeing the Lord’s unique creation of you and His perfect love to draw you to Himself. See God’s hand on you through all He has shown you in your search. Be aware of His watch care over you. His plan and purpose for you has been speaking in your heart all along.

Enjoy the presence of the Lord. Thank Him for His unconditional love. Recognize He’s an all-knowing Father who has the power to see the very depth of your heart. He sees you, as you are to be, not as you are. Enjoy knowing peace in the unique plan He has for you, to accomplish His will and purpose for you. Rest in His timing to make all things beautiful. To bring about the very desires of your heart, to be in line with His perfect will. Take a deep breath and trust in His wisdom and power.

King Him the Lord of your life. Bow down to Him. Submit to Him. Accept His authority over you. Worship Him. Praise Him. Honor Him. Glorify Him by being changed and set apart for His service. Confidently carry yourself as a daughter of the Almighty King.

Last Published: January 7, 2011 5:35 PM